Snake in the Grass (09/26/06)Once again the Cove Leader Press has printed a letter from a angry citizen? So Fuckin What? Jerry Thatcher are you a Moron…..I mean Mormon? How else could one get so many Wives? Are you a failure at Fatherhood, Or a polygamist? How can you preach morals you infidel. I think you should sit down and wright a letter to your editor. Ask yourself a few hard questions. Like… Why am I such a failure? Why can’t I be trusted? Why do I think everybody is inferior? You should watch out who you vent on turd breath. Oh yeah while its on my mind you are a coward. If you had any Balls you would of come told me your beef. Which I would of told you “Who gives a Fuck”, Also your call to the Killeen Daily Hearld was proof you have a yellow streak fatter than the “Yellow Brick Road” It could let all Mexican Illegals that ever crossed the Rio Grand to ride on your back. Now that is one thick yellow streak.


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