Bee Hive (05/30/06) Woke up this morning and noticed my kitchen window was dark. After getting a closer look I could see a swarm of Bees the size of a Basketball. Well I let my nuts drag……Damn it was scary….I called up the local BEE man Neal Davidson….He tells me to get a box , hold it up to the swarm, and scoop them into the Box! I said are you crazy!! Obviously he was…..After several more searches I found the Bee Vac! What a invention….I quickly modified my shop vac into a Bee sucking machine……I suited up and safely sucked them all into the vac. Next I waited until dark and dumped the Bees into my makeshift Bee hive. That went smooth also. Only one sting. The Bees didn’t like my army footlocker and flew away 2 days later. I was sure looking forward to observing the Bee hive. If anyone has a swarm of Bees(Local) I’ll come get them.


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