Zulu Nazi (05/1/06)Life is Good! Snakes are breeding! I’m ready to Jump deep into someones stuff….I advise all those that have beef…Eat the shit at WENDY’S of risk something much worse then colon cancer…Hahaha…Now that shit is funny…
(03/08/06)Whats Happening People? I’ve been Laying low as you know,but its because people will start realizing that I do what I say……Don’t get in my way….Good Day

(01/21/06) HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Get ready for another “NO BULL” session…..A true Life confession of obsession,a straight forward look right up your ass… No holds barred….If you find that your in need,indeed,plead your case to God cuz I dont give a toot about putting my boot in your Poot Shoot…..

(11/27/05) Of course we know what God meant when he said it would be easier for a Fat Jew on a Camel to get thru the eye of a needle, than it would be for a Wealthy Man to Enter the gates of Heaven. Once Again Logic has proved superior to the opposition. 666 a Human Number. Thats 6.66 Billion Souls… Current World Human Total is 6.44 Billion, 220 Million short give or take a few million….. This total amount is all earth can handle before it overloads,crashes and burns……HaHahaa….Salvation? Your statistical Odd of being amongst the 144,000 chosen ones……Live in the Flesh During the 1000 yrs of Peace….. Simple Mathmatical calculation 144,000 divided by 6.66 Billion souls = 2.16216216 × 10-5…. Roughly 2 people per 10,000,000 Not Bad odds if your a Lotto player. Terrible odds when ones soul is on the line…….Good Morning America…..This is the Almighty your creator…..Give me your best 60……What? Thats all that can come on the Mother of all Spaceships…..The rest burn in the lake of Fire…….Whew!!!!! better straighten that ASS out…….Quick…..Time is near….

(11/27/05)I dedicate this Art in the name of my Great-Great Grandfather Paul Lipke the First Jewish Grand Chess Master of Germany 1892……Thanks for those genes……….


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