Dear “Greystone@yahoo.com”, Some people just dont get it. You coward, if you had Balls you would stand up, so you must have a slit. The first Amendment is at stake, Fuck You. Ha Ha…Kevin the Repo Man said Fuck You also.Ha Ha..You can call Temple tomarrow….My Attorney said bring it on and Fuck You too..Remember that everyone I come in contact with that opposes me in anyway will become part of this “Living Blog”. I advise you to shut up before I find out who you are! HeeHeeHee.



If you Think you got the guts go to Ogrish.com and check out the Iraqi Militant Beheadings! Death to all who hate Americans!


I will take over the World! My plan is very basic. Today I release to the world, “Geriatric Jihad”. This new Republican view will combine Medicaid, Homeland Security and Defense to form a new weopon against our enemies. Geriatric Jihad will reduce both Medicaid and Defense spending by turning the elderly Democrates into vacationing mini nuclear bombs. Families will be paid $1 million thus stimulating the national economy; reducing the cost of a bomb from millions, emptying the wards of every hospital across America; a very creative solution. Of course this program is available to old, crusty Democarates only.

Spidey gets shaffed!

(07/29/05) Looks like Ike the Mike Thomas is about to get Rear ended…..HaHa…Lighten up buddy…..If one needs to have this picture interpted please contact (mikeathomas2@comcast.net) he will glady tell you all about the “Big Rhino”. P.S. You shouldn’t leave yourself exposed …..Take it Greasey Mike ..Haha

Ursulas’Pocket smells like SHIT!

(07/12/05) If you want half Dead, Starved, Critters be sure to call Ursulas’ Pocket Pets, she will gladly sell you that which she hasn’t the foggyest idea what, where, or who it is she’s talking about. If I miss called it… You can call the Dumb cunt yourself. See if she doesn’t tell you something fucked. I’m not scared to post the card she gave me. Another Flea Market Animal Whore…Watch out for the snakes she sells I heard her Man is a 8′ Burmese Python…..You dont want to know where that snakes been!….. The USDA will be informed that your breaking the Law….Watch out or you will have the Man sniffing up your ASS…..Looking for shit you didn’t know existed……….More coming your way….